Welcome to Totem Ridge Vineyards!

First and foremost, we are deeply passionate about our land. We cherish its beauty, its fertileness, its wildlife, and its history. This guides our every endeavor as we strive to benefit from the product of the unique terroir and climate while preserving the land and its pristine qualities. The result is the production of some of the world’s finest wine grapes and a true marriage of the love of the land with the love of wine.


Our Story

While our family has been here for 25 years, the history of our property can be traced back much further, to even ancient eras. Several sites on the property have yielded Indian artifacts, and it would appear to have been a favorite location for the indigenous Wappo tribe. They seem to still exert an eerie presence.

Later becoming a 320 acre ranch, the property served as the summer residence for the Booth family, who emigrated from England. The farmhouse was built in the late 1880’s and is now considered an historic building. Sited under towering eucalyptus and redwood trees, it provided a cool respite from Knights Valley’s hot summers. The furniture in the house was said to have been brought around “the Horn” by the owners.

But most mysterious and fascinating are the many totem poles carved by Mr. Booth in the early 1900’s that adorn the landscape. Fashioned from the natural redwoods of the property, many are dated and have whimsical names such as “the Imp”, “Pan”, and “the Faun”. This most enchanting curiosity gives the property its current name.

Artifacts found on the property and the oral history of local “oldtimers” speak to its history as both a fig farm and a dairy. The passage of time has culminated in its current size of 74 acres, and our opportunity to become a part of Knight’s Valley’s history. We are blessed with living in the pristine beauty of the valley at the foot of Mount St. Helena, while tending our special vineyards.