The Vineyards

Our hillside vineyards are located on a north facing ridge in bucolic Knights Valley, at elevations ranging from 300 to 1300 feet. Most were planted in 1991 under the guidance of the late Paul VanderSchalie, whose history as a viticulturist in Knight’s Valley spanned thirty years and included his influence with Beringer Vineyards, and later the planting for nearby Peter Michael Winery. The soil is a rich rocky volcanic loam, allowing it to sustain the vines without the need for irrigation. By summer’s end the vines experience just enough hardship to respond by creating the intense and distinctive flavors for which Knight’s Valley is known.

Cabernet sauvignon
8 acres, planted in 1991 with Clone 7 on 3309 rootstock. Spacing is 12 x 6 and the trellis system is quadrilateral with vertical trellising. Yield is 4 to 5 tons per acre.

2.5 acres, planted in 1991 with Clone 181. Spacing is 12 x 6 with a quadrilateral/vertical trellis system. Yield is 4 to 5 tons per acre.

2.5 acres, planted in 1999 with Clone 470 on SO4 rootstock. Spacing is 5 x 9 and trellising is Vertical Shoot Positioned (VSP). Yield is 4 tons per acre.

Sauvignon blanc
About a half acre of sauvignon blanc, budded in 2007 to sauvignon musque. Trellising is Vertical Shoot Positioned (VSP) and spacing is 5 x 9.